Mentorship and Teaching at Waterloo

If you are interested in more advanced postgraduate studies, then please note that I would strongly prefer to mentor students who wish to specialise in alliance politics, defence cooperation, and the political effects of various military technologies. Students wanting to write on Europe are especially welcome so long as their focus is on defence and/or foreign policy. I expect dissertations to examine theoretical and/or empirical puzzles, usually involving real-world variation.


That said, as an assistant professor, I cannot chair a dissertation committee. I encourage interested students to identify associate or full professors at the Balsillie School of International Affairs who align with their research goals and can take on such responsibilities.


If, as a current or past student you wish to obtain a letter of reference from me, then you must consult my policy first.



Below are some syllabi that I have designed or co-designed for the undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University of Waterloo. Click on the images for the syllabi.

  • a3d39b46-afff-11e6-b17d-d6b2ebc6f34a_ima

    PSCI 150

    Introduction to Global Politics

  • A1kwV5KcikL._AC_SL1500_.jpg

    PSCI 355

    Russia and its Neighbours

  • Palmanova1600.jpg

    PSCI 384

    Technology and International Security

  • df0d7820-063b-443b-b82a-f67dad7deea0.jpg

    PSCI 481/687

    Interstate War

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