Books and Monographs

Atomic Assurance: The Alliance Politics of Nuclear Proliferation

2018 - Book - Cornell University Press

Published in the Cornell Studies in Security Affairs, this book is about how alliances curb potential and actual efforts by states to develop nuclear weapons, if they do so at all. My book looks at what makes alliances so credible as to prevent nuclear proliferation, how alliances can breakdown and encourage nuclear proliferation, and whether guarantors like the United States can use their alliance ties to end the nuclear efforts of an ally. Drawing on my own archival research, I support my argument using intensive case studies on West Germany, Japan, and South Korea as well as a series of smaller cases on Great Britain, France, Norway, Australia, and Taiwan.

For a set of reviews, see this H-Diplo Roundtable

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Lessons from the Enhanced Forward Presence, 2017-2020

2020 - Monograph - NATO Defence College

Co-edited with Christian Leuprecht and Alexander Moens, this edited volume brings together experts from various NATO countries for the comparative study of experiences borne by the Host and Framework Nations in the enhanced Forward Presence.

Associated Essay: Macdonald-Laurier Institute.

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Conventional Deterrence and Landpower in Northeastern Europe

2019 - Monograph - US Army War College

Written with Michael A. Hunzeker, this Strategic Studies Institute policy monograph examines conventional deterrence and what role the U.S. Army can play in bolstering security in the Baltic littoral region.

Associated essays: EastWest Institute; War on the Rocks.


A Question of Time: Enhancing Taiwan's Conventional Deterrence Posture

2018 - Monograph - Center for Security Policy Studies

Co-written with Michael A. Hunzeker and a team of George Mason University researchers, this study assesses Taiwan's defence posture and argues in favour of an elastic-in-defence posture.

Associated essays: CIMSEC, National Interest.